With more than 30 years experience in pneumaticfield, Aignep is an Italian leading manufacturer of compressed air elements.Providing start to finish solution products in the pneumatic field. More than 10 Million parts ready to ship from a revolutionary automatic stock to guarantee quick delivery.

    Aignep Infinity-Compressed Air Pipe System
    Aignep compressed air pipe systems are quick to install and ready for immediate pressurization. Components are removable and interchangeable and allow immediate and easy layout modifications reducing production downtime. Unlike the performance of steel pipe, which degrades over time due to corrosion, air quality is clean with optimum flow rate performance with the use of Aignep pipe system.

    Product Range

    • Pneumatic cylinders
    • FRL units
    • Air service unit
    • Pneumatic fittings & tubing
    • Pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic Valves

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Product Gallery

  • 50000 Series Push-In Fittings

  • 55000 Series Technopolymeric Push-In Fittings

  • 70000 Series Food Grade Push-In Fittings

  • 57000 Series Full Metal Push-In Fittings

  • 60000-62000 Series Stainless Steel Push-In Fittings and Accessories

  • 1000 Series Push-On Fittings

  • Flow Control Regulators and Valves

  • Miniature Ball Valves

  • Compression Fittings

  • Universal Fittings

  • Air Treatment Units

  • Automatic Quick Couplings

  • Cartridge Cylinders

  • Mini Cylinders

  • A95 Cylinders

  • Compact Cylinders

  • Short Stroke Cylinders

  • ISO 15552 Cylinders

  • Rotary Cylinders

  • Guide Units

  • Pneumatic And Electropneumatic Valves

  • Pneumatic And Electropneumatic Valves