• Innovative thinking, top quality and a wide range of products, the ability to respond quickly to customers' needs as well as continual further developments have made ewo to the company that it is today.The continual development and improvement of new products, adapted to our customers' needs, especially in the field of compressed air preparation, document our competence in offering systematic solutions to individual application problems. Our compressed air units of proven quality, reliability, operational safety and precision are highly valued in both filling stations and workshops.

    Four large product groups or product areas that interlock with each other in several areas of application. There are also synergy effects in the development and production that we use for the interest of our customers. Make your best experiences together with us!

    • Compressed air processing
      • Compressed air maintenance units and individual elements in a classical or modular construction from G 1/8 – G 2.
      • High performance filter V-M-A
      • Special devices to 60 bar
      • Compressed air accessories
      • Coupling and distributor
      • Screw connections and hoses
      • Shut-off and control valves
      • Safety valves
      • Silencers
    • Workshop air service
      • Tyre inflator measuring device
      • Air guns and washing guns
      • Paint spray guns and spray guns
    • Gas welding and cutting equipment
      • Welding and soldering sets
      • Pressure regulator for bottled gasses
      • Cutting torch
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Product Gallery

  • Air preparation : Standard

  • Air preparation : Standard

  • Air preparation : Combibloc

  • Air preparation : Variobloc

  • Air preparation : VMA

  • Garage Equipment

  • Garage Equipment

  • Air preparation : Drain Valves

  • Blow Guns