• GSR's core competency is the fast development of special valve solutions meeting customers' requirements in all fields of valve technology. Over 35 years, our engineers have developed more than 3000 special valves which can reliably be fitted in nearly all technologies under different conditions. Due to the fact that we produce all the core components on modern machines, we are able to fabricate custom-made items. However, we are also in a position to manufacture our regular series of valves to the highest quality, at short notice.

    GSR valves are used in nearly all applications. For example:

    • Filling systems
    • Irrigation systems
    • Water treatment
    • Chemical systems
    • Mixing systems
    • Petrochemicals
    • Hardening plants
    • Steam systems
    • Steam turbines
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  • Force Piolot Operated
    Solenoid Valves

  • Externally Controlled Valves

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