• Our Auto Drains are designed and produced in high quality, to work on very harsh environments. Auto drains are also called as condensate drains. Condensation is moisture that drops out an air flow, as it cools. The condensation in a compressed air system is a constant threat to cause expensive problems. The following are a few examples.

    • Moisture washes lubrication from air tools and equipment, causing downtime and maintenance
    • An inconsistent supply of dry air can cause production quality problems
    • Excessive rust forms in the air distribution system
    • Air dryer can be overloaded
    These and many more expensive problems can be avoided by using our Auto Drains

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Product Gallery

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  • Valve Timer (Analog)

  • Timer Control Drain Valve (LED)

  • Timer Contol Filter Ball Valve (Analog)

  • PS Drain Valve

  • Timer Control Drain Valve (Analog with LED Connector)

  • Filter Ball Valve

  • Filter Ball Valve With Spool