• Filters
    The Omt range of the filters fits into Return lines of Hydraulic Circuits, suction Lines and Medium/high pressuer lines. Depending on the models, they can be equipped with Accessories like differential clogging indicators( visual ans electric), pressnre gauge, pressure switches, By-pass values etc. All filters have conformity with the correspomding ISO regulations. OMT can customize some kind of filters

    The OMT range of Accessories is mostly aimed to be fited on the so called "Tank Environment ". Steel Plate Oil tanks (CF & CFP series), Electric oil level gauges, Die-cast Aluminum oil tanks (CP Series), visual level gauges (LG series), plastic oil filters,Breather, Chrome plated oil filters with air breather cap (Even Pressurized) with lockable steel basket (TR series) showing customer Logo. Pump supports SP series. Other OMT Accessories are: Pressure Gauges,pressure Gauges isolators,pump supports and mobile filtration groups.
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Product Gallery

  • Heat Exchanger S Series

  • Heat Exchanger SC Series

  • Heat Exchanger ST Series

  • Heat Exchanger SSP Series

  • Water-Oil Heat Exchanger SA Series

  • Suction Strainer

  • Suction Or Return Filter AFI Series

  • Return Filter OMTF Series

  • Spin-On Filter

  • High / Medium Pressure Filter

  • Oil Filler With Air Breather Cap

  • Visual Level Gauge

  • Aluminium Tank)

  • Gauge Isolator And Pressure Gauge

  • Bellhousing

  • High Size, One-Piece BellHousing

  • Drive Coupling

  • Foot - Accessories

  • Fixing Flanges For Inlet Or Outlet Tube

  • Cetop Maniflod Block

  • Pump Support

  • Component For Micropower Pack

  • SAE Flange

  • Gear Pump Flange

  • Mobile Filtration Unit GF 20 - GF 40