Oval Bellow Family (OB)

  • Available Suction Cup Diameter : Oval (20 x 60mm) to (65 x 175mm)
  • Lifting Force : 570 N Max
  • Temperature Range : 10 to 50 deg C
  • Hardness : 60 Shore A
  • Available Material : PU 
Special Features
  • The oval suction cups are suitable for handling of long and narrow objects and surfaces when maximum lifting force is desired.
  •   Oval suction cups are specially suitable for irregular surfaces and when level compensation is desired
  • This program of oval suction cups has characteristics that are specially suited for handling of metal-sheet material
  • Oily Sheet Metal Handling
  • Corrugated / cardboard Handling
  •  Glass handling
  • To handle with Mark Free material 

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