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Over the year, Mechatronics has strengthened its operations by providing critical turnkey solutions in PNEUMATICS, HYDRAULICS, ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS APPLICATIONS. We have always been customer-oriented by way of exhaustive and comprehensive spare parts inventory and knowledge sharing by way of training customer representatives. Mechatronics has been practiced to provide solutions at customer doorstep and effective after-sales service backed by the state –of – the –art: sales, service, and training center.​

​At the helms of affairs at Mechatronics are qualified, well trained and customer-oriented engineers serving various locations in India at DELHI, AHMEDABAD, VADODARA. MUMBAI, PUNE, KOLKATA, JAMSHEDPUR, BANGLORE, HYDERABAD AND COIMBATORE with its headquarters based in CHENNAI covering other parts of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry and in the middle east such as independent showrooms at DUBAI, ABU DHABI, ALAIN, MANAMA and DOHA with full fledge fabrication unit at AJMAN.​

Mechatronics Catalogue

Electrical division

Electric linear actuator provides solutions
to create smooth movement in a variety of applications.
From healthcare to agriculture, comfort furniture,
office interiors, or industrial automation – the options are endless.

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Hydraulic Division

Whether your products move, turn, shape, mold, lift, dig, or haul, you can depend on hydraulics products to deliver the performance you need to stay competitive

hydraulic pumps, motors, transmissions, valves, cylinders, controls, hose and fittings offer a unique combination of proven technology and innovative design that translates directly into reliable performance and enhanced uptime. Whether you need a single component, a custom-engineered solution, or anything in between.

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Pneumatics Division

A pneumatic system is a system that uses compressed air to transmit and control energy. Pneumatic systems are used extensively in various industries. Most pneumatic systems rely on a constant supply of compressed air to make them work. This is provided by an air compressor.
Pneumatic fittings, Manifolds, Valves, Cylinders are the products dealings in pneumatic division.

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Vacuum Division

Move heavy loads weghing up to several tons ergonomically and securely
Basic modules, operator handles, load beams and suction plates configurable
Lifting and lowering the load using a chain hoist using vacuum technology.

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Refrigeration Division

Industrial refrigeration applications are typically used in places like cold food storage, dairy processing, Beverage production, Ice rinks and heavy industry, these sorts of places.

These are large scale cooling systems.

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Equipment Division

Ergonomics in material handling focuses on the prevention, not treatment, of work-related injuries. It aims to eliminate fatigue and discomfort before the employee experiences a painful musculoskeletal disorder. The purpose of the compressed air piping system is to deliver compressed air to the points of usage.

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