Aignep exports in more than 90 countries thanks to an intensive distribution network and thanks to eight branches located in USA, China, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Russia, and France. Infinity series is basically a compressed air piping system which is specifically designed with energy savings in mind.

Technical Features:

Patented Technology

The zero condensate Reducing Tee an innovative solution that completely removes the need for a conventional swan neck and drain valves, providing a quick and easy solution to the problem of condensate.

Patented Technology

Forget about welding copper pipes, threading galvanized steel or screwing together plastic pipes. The Infinity push-in system is as simple as pushing the pipes together for automatic connection, with no welding, gluing, or crimping.

Corrosion Free

The non–corrosive extruded aluminum provides structural strength and delivers contaminate-free fluid in a leak free piping system. The smooth bore of Infinity piping prevents high pressure losses and allows for higher flow rates and performance than that of other systems. No fluid leakage ensures minimum running costs.

Complete Metallic System

The new Infinity piping offers the first all metal piping system, specifically designed with energy savings in mind. It is extremely smooth corrosion-free pipe, complimented with easy install fittings and our patented zero condensate tee, all go together to keep the fluid flow laminar. Therefore, reducing turbulence, minimizing pressure drop, and removing condensation.


1. Textile Industries
2. Automobile Industries
3. Wood Industries
4. Manufacturing Industries

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