• MHAZentgraf was founded in 1945 by Alfred Zentgraf as a mechanical engineering company. Since 1978 they have been producing high pressure ball valves and control valves and are today one of Europe's leading manufacturers. MHA ranges of valves have stood the test of time for ultra-high pressure applications up to 80 Mpa.

    Applications in various industries:

    • General gas supply systems
    • Filling plants and compressor stations
    • Gas stations
    • Analysis equipment
    • Chemical plants and Petrochemical plants
    • Oil drilling and oil refineries
    • On-Shore and Off-shore Installations

    Product Range

    • Two way ball valves
    • Multiway Ball Valves
    • Ball Valve Combinations
    • Ball valves for Manifold Mounting
    • Custom Design Ball Valves:
      • Highest pressure ball valves 800bar
      • High Temperature Ball valves 500°C
      • Ball valves for gas, paint and lacquers, isocyanates
      • Ball valves with fire-safe approval
    • Flow-Control Valves
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Product Gallery

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valves With Threaded Ends

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valves With Welding Ends

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valves With SAE Connections

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valves With SAE Connection

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valve With ISO Connection

  • 3/2 Way Selector Ball Valves

  • 3/2 Way Selector Ball Valve With SAE Connections

  • 3 & 4 Way Ball Valve Combination

  • 3 & 4 Way Ball Valve With Threaded Connections

  • Ball Valves For Manifold Mounting

  • Cartridge Ball Valves

  • 2/2 Way Highest Pressue Ball Valve (PN80 MPa)

  • 2/2 Way High Temperature Ball Valve (Tmax 500°C)

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valve For Gas

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valve For Paints And Lacquers

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valves For Isocyanates

  • 2/2 Way Ball Valves With Fire Safe Approval

  • Needle Valve/Flow Control Valve For Manifold Mounting

  • Check Valve For Piping Systems Assembly

  • Check Valve For Manifold Mounting