• OMAL is a company whose mission is “customer satisfaction”. With an in-depth knowledge of world market, extensive technical awareness, on-going market research and consistent improvements to the product line, OMAL continues to offer the highest quality in actuators and valves. Technology and flexibility are the determining factors for the development of its range of ever evolving products.

    Product Range

    • Automated Valves
      • Angle Seat Valve VIP Valves
      • Actuated Valves
    • Ball Valves Butterfly Valves
      • Actuators
      • Pneumatic Actuators (Double Acting, Spring Return and Two Stage pneumatic Actuators) Electrical Actuators (ON-OFF and Modular)
    • Accessories
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Product Gallery

  • VIP Valve

  • Angle Seat Valve

  • Angle Seat Valve

  • Ball Valve (Threaded End)

  • SS 2way full-bore
    threaded-ends ball valve

  • 2 Way 3 Piece Ball valve

  • 3-way brass ball valve
    (threaded end)

  • 3-way Full bore threaded ends
    stainless streel Ball Valve

  • Ball valve with
    SR Pneumatic Actuator

  • 3Way PVC Ball Valve

  • 3Way Ball Valve T or L Port

  • 2Way Flange ball valve
    with spring return

  • Hercules valve with DA actuator

  • 2Way flange ball valve

  • 2Way CS flange ball valve

  • Flat body CS ball valve
    with DA actuator (LPG application)

  • Namur mounting plate
    for Solenoid Valve

  • Micro Solenoid valve

  • Namur Solenoid Valve

  • KSSB Switch Box

  • Pneumatic Limit Switch

  • Proximity Limit switch with switch Protection

  • Explosion Proof Limit Switch

  • Electro Pneumatic Positioner

  • Flat Flanged Ball Valve with Electrical Actuator

  • 3Way Ball Valve with Electrical Actuator

  • Butterfly Valve wafer

  • Butterfly Valve wafer Metal - Metal Type

  • Butterfly Valve with Gear Box

  • Electrical Actuator (Lug Type)

  • PVC Butterfly Valve Lug Type

  • SR Pneumatic Actuator Torque (SR 15-960 Nm)

  • Dr Pneumatic Actuator Torque (DR 15-960Nm)

  • DA Pneumatic Actuator upto 3840 Nm and SR 1920 Nm

  • Two stage Pneumatic Actuator

  • SR / DA Actuator Casted Stainless Steel CF 8M (AISI 316)

  • SR / DA Actuator Stainless Streel AISI 316 Solid Bar

  • SR / DA Corbon Steel Solid Bar Paint Protection

  • 3 Way Ball Valve Stainless Steel up to 8" (DN200)

  • Emergency Manual Operator Integrated DA and SR

  • Big-size Pneumatic Actuators, from 10,000 to 55,000 Nm

  • Air setting Butterfly Valve DN 50 - 300

  • Water Double and Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve DN100 - DN 2000